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Serene is an engagement and wellness platform that gathers survey responses and personal wellness data. We make it easier to understand, measure and improve employee engagement.

The easiest way to understand someone is simply by asking a few questions. Serene automatically texts gamified mini-surveys to your employees once a week to gather insightful data about employees' engagement levels. Employers gain real visibility and understanding of the engagement and retention levels throughout their company via the Serene reporting suite.

So, you're probably thinking, "Surveys are boring, none of my employees will bother." But, we do things a little differently at Serene. We gamify our surveys, meaning your employees earn points and unlock rewards just by spending 30-90 seconds of their week answering a few questions.

Seems pretty good, right? It gets better. Our employee app isn't just an awesome place to do surveys. Everyone knows that healthy employees are productive employees, so we're gamifying exercise too. Serene creates competition and lets your employees earn rewards for hitting exercise milestones.

Mini Surveys

We focus on one question a week, so responses are more detailed and provide greater insight

By anonymizing our surveys, you get truthful feedback from your employees

Health & Wellness

The Serene app is gamified and social, allowing for competition between colleagues

We use geotagging to encourage more natural exercise than traditional employee wellness tools

Employees are 18% more engaged when given time for exercise (Source: Quantum Workplace)


Surveys & exercise can earn your employees points, which unlock rewards in the app

Gamification has lead to 90% voluntary participation in annual reviews (Source: Huffpost)